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Copy Songs to Computer. Sharepod is a dead simple music transfer app. It allows you to copy songs, videos, podcasts and more from any iPhone, iPad or iPod. Sharepod, free and safe download. Sharepod latest version: Copy music to and from your iPod. I’ve used an iPod Classic for a while now and one of the things I don’t like is using iTunes to manage the music on it. There are many situations when I’d rather just copy music to and from the iPod. Here’s an easy way to do that, one that works with the iPhone and iPod.

Can't manage iPod music without iTunes? music manager including Yamipod, Senuti for Mac, Sharepod, etc. to manage your iPod music. generation),iPod nano (7/6 generation), iPod shuffle (4/3 generation), iPod classic, iPod mini, etc. Top 1: iPhone Care Pro - Top 3: iTunes Music Cleanup - Top 4: Senuti for Mac. While we have mentioned SharePod in our free iPod tools round-up before, I wanted to take a closer look at this free iPod manager program that is designed. This app will help you move music from your iPod to the computer iTunes (if open), plug in your iPod or iPhone and then run Sharepod.

Like Floola, SharePod launches directly from your iPod and offers utilitarian control over managing and backing up your iPod's tunes. As it is known to all that Sharepod is a good iPod music manager audio or video between iPod touch, iPod nano, iPod shuffle or iPod classic. Now download the file (which isn't very big) and save it to your desktop, ready Putting SharePod On An iPod Classic Or Earlier.

I was looking into this program a few months ago and had no luck with it using the Classic but the new version is working fine. You just.

iTunes Store: Transferring purchases from your iOS device or iPod to a Sharepod (free) -

The reason I want to back it up, I plan on restore factory settings on my IPOD Classic. I use an old version of a software called SharePod. First. The application iTunes is used to manage the contents of the iPod but it can SharePod and eph Pod, and a lot more freeware programs are available to .. Supports: iPods including iPod nano 4G (not 5G) & iPod classic. You can use Sharepod with both modern iPods (such as the iPod Touch) and classic iPods. 3. Download Sharepod.

If not, the next time you connect your iPod, iPad, or iPhone, it'll want to sync your music, apps, and files with your fresh install – which probably. Have a library of songs on old iPod and want to get them on to your then copying all the songs from iPod (Shuffle, Nano, Classic, Touch) onto your transfer from iPod to MacBook, you can switch to SharePod to do that. Transfer music and playlists from iPhone, iPod, or iPad to iTunes. Sharepod. Copy and recover music and playlists from iPod, iPad, or iPhone to your.

This article focuses on iPod file managers. i.e. software that permits the transferring of media . Classic · Photo · iPod+HP · iPod U2 · Mini · Shuffle · Nano · Touch. Accessories. Earbuds · iPod Hi-Fi · Nike+iPod. Software. Comparison of iPod.

14 Jan - 1 min - Uploaded by Amanda X SharePod for Mac is an SharePod for.

Here we will introduce top 12 iPod transfers which can transfer iPod to iTunes or transfer iPod to Transfer Music from Computer to iPod/iPhone/iPad without iTunes . Easy Ways to Transfer Music from iPod Classic to iTunes. Is Sharepod safe to use? Does Sharepod 4 work with my iDevice? How to install Sharepod syncing ipod classic with windows laptop · sms export pdf format. I first started building SharePod around when I got my first iPod - a 3rd gen. 3G, 4G (Photo), 5G (Video), 6G (Classic, Nano); Copy tracks from an iPod to.

But what if this computer (with which you sync the iPod) dies? This is the first part of the guide, more focused on iPods (Shuffle, Nano, Classic). SharePod will readily detect the iPod and all the content on it, including.

I used iPod Agent in the past, wondering what the cool kids are doing these days ?? I haven't used it since it went paid, but there's SharePod. Kelly, I use Sharepod, available here as well as Copytrans available here to copy files from iPods to my PC. then add those files to my iTunes. I bought this program called SharePod online for $20 so I could take all the files on my iPod Classic GB and put them all in 1 folder on my.

Tutorials: How to use Amarok to manage your iPod in Ubuntu Tutorial: How to use SharePod to copy files to and from your iPod in Windows . The classic problem is Y Gb of music on your PC and only X Gb available on.

Transfer music, playlists, videos, and more from iPhone, iPod, . SharePod is a transfer tool for Mac and Windows users to transfer music to. How to put music on iPod Classic is a popular question. It's time to resurrect the legacy: here we'll show how to put songs on iPod in 2 steps. This question came up in a google search, but the first reasonable answer I found took a while longer: SharePod has () library for iPod access, and.

How to copy content back from iPod Classic, Nano and Shuffle to your Sharepod- Sharepod makes it simple to copy your iPod content back. A lot of people assume that because iPods were designed to work with iTunes that they have to use iTunes music. You can put any music you. Transfer music from iPod touch, iPod nano, iPod classic to Windows and Mac SharePod was a freeware for quite a while until redesigned by MacroPlant, the.

SharePod is a freeware and is intended for iPod users. The primary function of the program is that it allows users to easily extract your iPod music, Download. PodTrans is a free yet reliable iPod music transfer application that brings you a worry-free way to transfer music from/to Mac or Windows without iTunes. In windows and Mac, you can drag and drop your files onto your iPod In iTunes, when you connect your iPod, you must go to "Summary" and "Options", there is.

SharePod - iPod, iPhone & iPad Backup / Recovery / Sharing / Transfer Software (PC) - BOXED AS SHOWN: : Software. I ended up using Sharepod and it was crazy simple and extremely fast. I used it when I took a few thousand songs off my iPod (since the. Download SharePod and copy the folder to your old iPod (your iPod must be plugged The webpage advertises full iPod Classic compatibility.

t the ipod music to the ipod using clementine v called " sharepod " to look at my ipod, it gives an error first, "sharepod could not make.

Finding Hidden iPod Music Files - Uncovering hidden iPod files on your Senuti: Mac only; SharePod: Windows only; Yamipod: Windows, Mac and Linux. On 5 Feb @_melaniemay tweeted: "Just paid €20 for the #Sharepod app &. ." - read what others WOO!! My iPod classic is no longer stranded!! Thank you. I've reinstall my Ipod Classic GB (Firmware PC) with the actual Itunes In the meanwhile I've testet SharePod for syncing too.

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